Joanna Leigh Henry

Joanna Leigh Henry

Social Media Assistant & Content Contributor


Joanna specializes in communicating and connecting with diverse groups of people with a focus on growth and well-being. With a variety of professional experience, she is always looking to expand her skillset and contribute to organizations that value excellence and compassion.


Joanna is both an intellectual and an artist who enjoys reading and writing along with singing and photography. She is also a mental health advocate who works to reduce stigma.


“The idea of helping people care for the planet while also caring for themselves and others is what excites me about working for One Planet Life. I love the concept of ‘simple, joyful changes.’ The more joy we have in life, the better. I am happy to be using my social media skills to bring people together and empower them to create positive change to ensure a brighter future. Through the power of community, our individual actions can have an exponential impact”.

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