Water can make you happier, healthier, more connected, and better at what you do.  In the book, Blue Mind, Wallace J. Nichols shares research on our deep connection to water.

The ‘Red Mind’ is characterized by stress and fear which was important in our evolution to survive. But in today’s world, our ‘Red Mind’ is engaged too frequently. The ‘Blue Mind’ is a state of being centered and calm. Wallace shares research that being near, on, or in water as a way we can connect with our ‘Blue Mind’.  This connection has a powerful effect on our bodies, minds, and soul.

What is your favorite water experience? Is it playing on the beach, sitting next to a lake, hiking in the woods along a stream, surfing, swimming, or simply a warm bath? However water brings you joy, look for ways to strengthen your connection. And let this remind you why we love the water on our planet.