June 3rd is World Bicycle Day. The bicycle has been in use for about two centuries and it is a reliable and sustainable means of transportation. Physical activity of moderate intensity such as biking or walking is good for your health and fun.

Some countries are known for a large number of people cycling. The Netherlands has the largest number of cyclists per capita in the world. Amsterdam, the capital of The Netherlands is known as a favorite place of biking as the cites have bicycle throughout and 50% of the commuting is done on bicycles. Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Finland, and China also have a high number of cyclists. Now with Covid-19 people in American cities are flocking to this basic form of mobility.

So on this World Bicycle Day, if you have a bike or can rent a bike treat yourself and go for a ride! If you do not have a bike then enjoy a walk. Take a moment to feel the breeze on your skin and enjoy it!