Explore Biodiversity Around the World

While you may not be doing much global travel at this time, we invite you to take a virtual trip around the world to learn about the fascinating biodiversity on our planet. Did you know, there are over 10 million plant and animal species that share our earth? Each plays a unique role in nature’s design. Bees and bats pollinate trees and plants, predators control prey, and trees control flooding and moderate our climate. 

What is biodiversity?

The variety of life on earth, the evolution, the complex interrelationships, and the resulting self balancing ecosystems make up biodiversity, or biological diversity. 

No one animal or plant exists in isolation, including humans.  While nature has the wonderful ability to regenerate, it’s humans who are moving things around and interrupting this cycle of life.  It is up to us to make thoughtful and impactful changes to ensure the world’s glorious biodiversity is supported and protected.
Take this biodiversity trip solo or with your family — it’s fun and free!
Explore the videos, photos, and interesting facts found through our interactive map below to learn about some of the unique species living on this earth. From the Kangaroo Rat that can only be found in the sandhills of Santa Cruz, California to the Wood’s Cycad, an old order of tree that has existed on Earth for over 280 million years!

Feeling inspired to make a difference? Consider a gift to the World Wildlife Fund, an organization supported by OPL, that protects populations of some of the world’s most ecologically, economically, and culturally important species.

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