Lorie Buckingham

Lorie Buckingham - Founder & Wayfinder

Lorie has enjoyed the past 30+ years centered by her love of the way technology can achieve business results. She was most fortunate to work with fabulous people around the world in The Coca-Cola Company, Avaya Corporation, Visteon Corporation, Union Carbide Corporation, and more.

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Amy Bates

Amy Bates - CMO

Amy has spent her career launching new businesses, introducing interesting personalities to the world, and generating passion about opportunities, products and services. Her career spans sectors including sports, entertainment, interactive television, real estate and retail ecommerce. She is founder and CEO of BuckinghamBates Global Marketing, LLC (B2GM), an advisory and consulting firm for small to mid-size businesses.

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OPL COO Jeffrey Malcom

Jeffrey Malcolm - COO

Jeffrey is a leader in defining strategic technology solutions, program management, and problem-solving. Before joining One Planet Life, Jeffrey worked for Accenture, Randstad Technologies, and The Coca-Cola Company. With a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from MIT, Jeffrey knows how to solve any dilemma by successfully identifying relevant information while disregarding irrelevant disturbances to provide a continuous stream of optimal solutions.

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Lesley Dennison

Lesley Dennison - Head of Product Development

Lesley comes from the software development world, spending most of her career as a software testing consultant for companies such as ThoughtWorks and Huge in a variety of industries, including automotive, airlines, healthcare, and news media.

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Harriet Cook

Harriet Cook - Good Life Analyst

Harriet has spent her career explaining business processes to technology providers and technology capabilities to business people. She had the great fortune to work with many great leaders in a variety of industries delivering technology and process solutions for game changing results. Harriet loves taking complex projects, breaking them down to concrete actionable steps, and successfully executing them by coordinating the diverse talents necessary to realize the vision.

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Yvonne Dwyer

Yvonne Dwyer - Naturalist

Yvonne has spent her lifetime in celebration and dedication to nature. Both professionally and personally, she is a devotee to observing, guiding, educating, outfitting, and training herself and others for outdoor experiences while ensuring a lasting appreciation for the gifts of nature.

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Lorie Buckingham

Mary Shane - Quaintrelle

Mary’s career in healthcare IT includes communications, quality assurance, and process engineering.  She has a passion for language and finding better ways to get things done.

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Carley Kimball

Carley Kimball - Freelance Journalist and OPL Content Contributor

Carley Kimball started her professional career as a local reporter based in Pennsylvania for the USA Today Network, providing her with a solid ethical base and the ability to hone her interviewing, writing, and editing skills. 

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Sydney Terris Headshot

Sydney Terris - Principal UX & UI Advisor

As a UX designer by day and a video game dork by night, Sydney is a UX & UI Designer at Raven Software for the Call of Duty franchise.

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