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We are pleased to open our new online store. Our aim is to support you on your journey to living more sustainably in harmony with the planet. 

Each product has been thoughtfully curated, from its purpose to how it was produced.  At launch, our focus is on helping to reduce the dependence on single-use plastic.  With that in mind, our products include double-insulated reusable bottles, foldable totes with coordinating travel utensil sets, and large canvas totes.  Coming soon, we will introduce Eco-Journey Kits to support each sustainable living journey on the One Planet Life app.

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Topics we are talking about...

Take Action to Live Sustainably

New Year, New You, Renewed Planet: One Planet Life Can Help You Live Sustainably

Resolve to live sustainably in 2023 and track your journey of joyful changes in the One Planet Life App. Measure your impact.

OPL 15-Day Sustainability Kickstart Challenge

New Year | New You 15-Day Sustainability Kickstart Challenge

Join our 15-day sustainability kickstart challenge. Consider it a warmup to a year of joyful changes that benefit you and the planet.

Sustainable Holiday Celebration

Joy for the World: Have a Sustainable Holiday Celebration!

The holiday season is notoriously consumptive and wasteful – but it doesn’t have to be. Follow these tips for a more sustainable holiday.

OPL 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

How to Shop Smart and Save the Planet This Holiday Season

One Planet Life’s 2022 Holiday Gift Guide is here to help you find the perfect gifts for your friends and family that also align with your sustainability goals.

America’s Recycling Programs are in Disarray, You Can Help

It’s no secret that the state of recycling in America needs to be improved. Individuals have huge opportunity to make a difference.

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OPL Insights

According to a 2022 report from Greenpeace, an international non-profit devoted to raising awareness about environmental issues, only about 5-6% of U.S. plastics were recycled last year, down from a high of 9.5% in 2014 and 8.7% in 2018. Considering that the world now produces more than 380 million metric tons of plastic every year, it’s easy to see how quickly waste can add up. Refilling your own containers is a fairly easy way to reduce your plastic waste. We share our experience in our blog, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and REFILL to Benefit the Planet.

Explore our interactive map to find a refillery business in a city near you.

Plant-rich meals use less water, fossil fuel, pesticides, fertilizers, and antibiotics and are better for your health.

Recipes to Inspire You

There has never been a better time to add more vegetables to your diet. From the planetary plant-rich diet to vegetarian and vegan options, you can make joyful changes to your diet that are good for you and the planet. Here are some of our favorite recipes to inspire you to create colorful, healthy, and delicious meals.

Spinach, Sprout, and Turkey Bacon Winter Salad

This nutritious winter salad will delight the taste buds and offers a nutrient-rich, fresh-tasting, crunchy option for lunch or dinner.

Nutrient-Rich Roasted Veggie Bowl Recipe

This comforting, nutrient-rich vegan roasted veggie power bowl recipe is perfect for any season. Get creative and use any vegetables on hand.

Hearty and Savory Vegetable Stew

The colder weather makes me yearn for delicious, warm, and comforting food like this hearty and savory vegetable stew.

Roasted Cauliflower Steaks with Romesco Sauce

Roasted Cauliflower Steaks with Romesco Sauce checks all the boxes: warm, comforting, plant-powered, and delicious.

Chocolate Chip and Coffee Biscotti

If you have any coffee lovers in your circle, this chocolate chip and coffee biscotti is a great go-to cookie for just about any activity.

Aromatic Ginger and Spice Hermit Cookies

These hermit cookies smell like a sweet childhood memory. While baking, the cookies infuse your home with spicy ginger aromas.

Oatmeal, Raisin, and Walnut Cookies

These oatmeal cookies are perfect for the holidays. Orange peel enhances the cookie with a wonderful citrus flavor that is not overpowering.

Fruit Shrubs Make Attractive Cocktails or Mocktails

Fruit shrubs, a delicious vinegar-based syrup known as “drinking vinegars,” make attractive cocktails or mocktails for the holidays.

Lots of Pepper Jam

We love this pepper jam. It is so adaptable! Mix it with greek yogurt or sour cream and serve with chips or crackers as an appetizer.

Books we are reading this month

Animal Vegetable Miracle Book Cover

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

Kingsolver’s book offers a hard view of the American food system, criticizes the lengths food must travel to arrive at the grocery store, and how the promotion of our food monoculture has had detrimental effects. 

The Better World Shopping Guide

The Better World Shopping Guide

We agree with Ellis Jones. Every dollar does count. Based on years of research, Ellis has created a comprehensive resource to help guide our shopping power.

One Green Thing Book Cover

One Green Thing

Heather White is a kindred spirit to One Planet Life. For anyone feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of climate change, Heather shares how to take small steps – one green thing.

The Backyard Homestead Book Cover

We Are The Weather

We Are the Weather comes at you like crashing waves of tough facts. At the same time, it is deeply personal. This powerful combination lingers with you and changes you – for the better. 

Can I Recycle This? Book Cover

Can I Recycle This?

Jennie Romer is a leading expert on single-use plastics and reduction and recycling in the U.S. Jennie’s book is a great place to get knowledgeable answers.

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One Planet Life (OPL) is a caring community that puts people and the planet first. While companies leverage technology to increase shareholder value, we focus on leveraging technology in a people-centered manner to improve lives and to protect our planet.