Small actions made by many create a ripple effect with a significant impact.

Thanks to the Joyful Changes made and tracked by the One Planet Life community, OPL App users have collectively reduced their carbon emissions by more than 19 tons and counting. That is equivalent to reducing 48,707 miles driven by an average gasoline-powered passenger vehicle. Live more sustainably, track your impact, and have fun! Get the App.

Our Eco-Journey Kits are here!

Every journey you take is made easier with the right toolbox. We created six eco-journey kits to coordinate with each of the six sustainability journeys on the One Planet Life app. Each product in the eco-journey kits has been thoughtfully curated, from its purpose to how it was produced.  We invite you to check them out.  In addition to our eco-journey kits, visit our store for high-quality, double-insulated reusable bottles, foldable and reversible totes with coordinating travel utensil sets, and large canvas totes.  


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