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We are pleased to open our new online store. Our aim is to support you on your journey to living more sustainably in harmony with the planet. 

Each product has been thoughtfully curated, from its purpose to how it was produced.  Our focus is on helping to reduce our dependence on single-use plastic.  Our products include double-insulated reusable bottles, foldable totes with coordinating travel utensil sets, and large canvas totes.  Coming soon, we will introduce Eco-Journey Kits to support each sustainable living journey on the One Planet Life app.

We invite you to shop in our store!

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Topics we are talking about

Yvonne Dwyer shares her Sustainability Story

OPL Spotlight: A Love of Nature Sparked a Focus on Sustainability for Yvonne Dwyer

For Master Naturalist Yvonne Dwyer, a focus on sustainability has become an extension of a lifestyle immersed in nature. Learn her story.

One Planet Life Founder Lorie Buckingham

OPL Spotlight: Lorie Buckingham’s Sustainability Journey Began with a Craving to Learn More

Decades before founding One Planet Life, Lorie Buckingham had already embarked on her own sustainability journey.

Leave No Trace Blog

Packing It Out: Learning More About “Leave No Trace”

Leave No Trace brings attention to the conservation, preservation, and protection of our parks and ecosystems.

Essentials for Your Outdoor Adventure

What to Pack: How to Prepare for a Great Outdoor Adventure

The key to making any outdoor adventure enjoyable is to be prepared before you head outside. Pack these 10 essential items in your daypack.

What to Wear: How to Prepare For a Winter Outdoor Adventure

Your winter outdoor adventure requires the right clothing, sturdy boots, a daypack filled with essentials, and a positive attitude.

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OPL Insights

According to a 2022 report from Greenpeace, an international non-profit devoted to raising awareness about environmental issues, only about 5-6% of U.S. plastics were recycled last year, down from a high of 9.5% in 2014 and 8.7% in 2018. Considering that the world now produces more than 380 million metric tons of plastic every year, it’s easy to see how quickly waste can add up. Refilling your own containers is a fairly easy way to reduce your plastic waste. We share our experience in our blog, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and REFILL to Benefit the Planet.

Explore our interactive map to find a refillery business in a city near you.

Recipes to Inspire You

There has never been a better time to add more vegetables to your diet. From the planetary plant-rich diet to vegetarian and vegan options, you can make joyful changes to your diet that are good for you and the planet. Here are some of our favorite recipes to inspire you to create colorful, healthy, and delicious meals.

Roasted Beet Salad with Goat Cheese and Candied Walnuts

Enjoy this easy, earthy roasted beet salad as a healthy weeknight meal or a first course to a holiday gathering.

Creamy Parmesan Fusilli with Grilled Chicken, Sun-dried Tomatoes, and Spinach

This creamy parmesan fusilli with grilled chicken, sun-dried tomatoes and spinach is truly luscious! A perfect weekday meal.

Matar “Paneer” with Tofu Makes an Easy Vegan Weeknight Meal

Matar Paneer is a popular North Indian dish made with paneer (semi-soft cheese). We swap paneer with tofu for an easy vegan weeknight meal.

Surprisingly Good Parmesan Tofu Cutlets in Marinara Sauce

Tofu cutlets are so adaptable. Prepare them breaded, with marinara sauce and parmesan cheese, as a play on traditional chicken parmesan.

Sweetheart Jam with Homemade Scones

This sweetheart jam can elevate the classic PB&J sandwich or spread it atop homemade scones with crème fraîche.

Spinach, Sprout, and Turkey Bacon Winter Salad

This nutritious winter salad will delight the taste buds and offers a nutrient-rich, fresh-tasting, crunchy option for lunch or dinner.

Nutrient-Rich Roasted Veggie Bowl Recipe

This comforting, nutrient-rich vegan roasted veggie power bowl recipe is perfect for any season. Get creative and use any vegetables on hand.

Hearty and Savory Vegetable Stew

The colder weather makes me yearn for delicious, warm, and comforting food like this hearty and savory vegetable stew.

Roasted Cauliflower Steaks with Romesco Sauce

Roasted Cauliflower Steaks with Romesco Sauce checks all the boxes: warm, comforting, plant-powered, and delicious.

An Immense World Book Cover
An Immense World

Yong’s book gives a glimpse of what Darwin must have felt when he saw the variety of life on the Galapagos Islands. As you read, you can expand beyond your senses and begin to perceive the world and all life in a new and inspiring way.

Islands of Abandonment Book Cover
Islands of Abandonment

This is a journey like no other. The author takes the reader to some of the most desolate places on earth where nature is thriving, pulling itself out of the wreckage man created.

Animal Vegetable Miracle Book Cover
Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

Kingsolver’s book offers a hard view of the American food system, criticizes the lengths food must travel to arrive at the grocery store, and how the promotion of our food monoculture has had detrimental effects. 

The Backyard Homestead Book Cover
We Are The Weather

We Are the Weather, Saving the Planet Begins at Breakfast comes at you like crashing waves of tough facts. At the same time, it is deeply personal. This powerful combination lingers with you and changes you – for the better. 

One Green Thing Book Cover
One Green Thing

Heather White is a kindred spirit to One Planet Life. For anyone feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of climate change, Heather shares how to take small steps – one green thing.

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One Planet Life (OPL) is a caring community that puts people and the planet first. While companies leverage technology to increase shareholder value, we focus on leveraging technology in a people-centered manner to improve lives and protect our planet.