One Planet Life’s mission is to curate and share information and create tools for individuals to maximize sustainability impact.

One Planet Life is a socially conscious enterprise dedicated to bringing human-centered tools to individuals to live better lives connected to the planet. We aim to be your trusted source — no ads — only information, inspiration, and tools to assist in joyful actions to live more sustainably for you and the planet.

We live in exciting times. But it is impossible to avoid the fact that we have been on a path that is not sustainable. 

At growing rates, people are experiencing stress, anxiety, and health issues.  Climate changes are harming life globally with fires, flooding, crop failures, dangerous air quality, and extreme heat.  Biodiversity is decreasing while pollution of our air, land, and water continues.  At the same time, the clock is ticking for us to make changes.

We believe that a series of small changes by many global citizens can make a big difference.

To avoid the worst we need to remember two dates: 2030 and 2050.  By 2050 we must have stopped emitting more greenhouse gases than the planet can naturally absorb through ecosystems. To achieve this, we must reduce our carbon footprint by 50% by 2030. The time is now.  This is the decade to make a difference for our future.

For more on this topic, read our blog, “What Future Do you Choose.”

For maximum impact, we need focus from governments, companies, and individuals. Sometimes we think that the problem is too big and one person cannot make a difference. That is false. We can re-imagine the world and act to evolve to this better future. 

As more and more people take action to live sustainably to improve personal quality of life and to protect the planet, we will amplify the benefits in our communities, countries, and the world. One Planet Life is here to help you understand what is possible and to take action. We know that it is worth it because this is a beautiful planet and life.

Our Values

One Planet Life Value - Strong Roots

We filter out the ‘noise’ from the media and only use sources that have been thoroughly vetted.  Our work is based on data and analysis through trusted channels such as academic journals, books, and scientific data sources.

One Planet Life Value - Planting Seeds

Hope and stubborn optimism drive every step we and our community take to effect change.

One Planet Life Values - Pollinators

We create deep relationships with like-minded people and organizations, and amplify each others’ voices.

One Planet Life Value - Future Minded

We strive to create a better tomorrow, using a series of small changes that add up over time.  We have embarked on a path, and we will continue until we reach our destination.

One Planet Life Value - Green Impact

We take measurable actions to ensure a sustainable future and embrace companies and organizations that are going above and beyond to do no harm.

One Planet Life Value - Global Citizens

Individually we are a drop in the ocean but united we are a powerful wave.  Driven by our shared purpose, we can live together in harmony with nature.

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