Welcome to the One Planet Life Eco-Store

Making joyful changes to live more sustainably doesn’t have to be hard. Using the right tools on your eco-journey makes it easy. That’s why we created the One Planet Life App to help you track and measure your impact. And now, we’ve opened this online store to give you access to smart, high-quality products that will keep you moving forward on your journey. Read why you can shop with confidence

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Track your impact with the One Planet Life App

The One Planet Life app tracks and measures the impact of your lifestyle changes to live more sustainably and helps you build greener habits. The app takes the guesswork out of which eco-friendly actions make the biggest impact on climate change.

Choose from one of our preset sustainability journeys or create your own. Start tracking your journey’s eco-activities or “joyful changes” and see how your actions reduce your carbon footprint. Watch your impact grow exponentially when others on the app take the same actions to reduce our impact on the environment.