Your Self-Care Guide to Navigating The Holiday Blues 

The importance of self-care during the winter holiday months can’t be understated. Focusing on wellness strategies that prioritize you is one of the most important gifts you can give yourself this season. The daylight is dwindling, and the holiday planning is ramping up. The season is upon us; for some, it can feel festive and full, but for others, it can be fraught with complicated feelings, memories, and events. Prioritizing your self-care can help.

Here are seven wellness strategies to help you be kind to yourself this holiday season:
Stay active.

We all feel better when we get up and move around. Being physically active can provide a respite from any mental noise and instead focus your mental energy on your breathing and body. The holiday season may be busier than usual, and you may struggle to find extended periods of time to be out and about – but even short bursts of physical activity can lift your mood. Try a walk around the block, some light stretching, or any online workout you may enjoy.

Person stretching to stay active
Nourish yourself.

There are often many meals involved with celebrating the holidays. Let yourself enjoy the foods you like, but also be mindful to consume healthy, whole foods you know will flood your body with nutrients. After a meal, you can aid digestion by sipping teas with apple cider vinegar, ginger or lemon.

Get enough sleep. 

Getting enough sleep is always important, but rest and relaxation are elixirs during stressful times. It is generally recommended that adults get 7-9 hours of sleep per night. However, we all have our own circadian rhythm and internal clock. A sleep hygiene routine can help support this habit.

Get outside. 

Sunlight, fresh air, and being in nature all benefit and lift your mood. Like being physically active, even a little bit can feel impactful. 

Mindfulness and meditation. 

Whether you have a meditation practice already or just want to find a moment of pause for yourself this season, practicing mindfulness can help put things in perspective during times of stress.  When you connect with your body’s sensations, it lets you drop out of your mind for a moment. There are many apps and videos with meditation offerings, and even a few that emphasize that one minute counts. There are walking meditations, mantra meditations, and many guided body scans. Try a few and see which feels best for you.

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Person practicing mindfulness and meditation as a wellness strategy
Set boundaries and manage expectations.

Planning ahead and communicating your needs can empower you to manage holiday stress. This can allow you to think through how to be gentle and generous to yourself. 

Volunteer with organizations that can help you give back. 

Yes, the holidays can be busy, but spending time in service to others is another way to help lift your mood.  Consider volunteering with organizations that make a difference or support a cause you care about.

Taking time for yourself this holiday season is essential.

You matter, and we hope some of these self-care tips can make your holiday season a more joyful one. Wherever you are this holiday season, the team at One Planet Life wishes you peace and light.

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Written by Jody Goldfarb

Written by Jody Goldfarb

Wellness Consultant and OPL Content Contributor

I’m so excited to support One Planet Life’s mission to encourage individuals and communities to live more sustainably and to be active participants in the climate solution. Much like our own personal health & wellness journeys, growth happens when we turn small steps into big impact.”