Kristina Shane

Kristina Shane

Lead Content Manager (Web + App)

Kristina Shane specializes in creative writing, editing, tutoring, and marketing.  She has experience in the healthcare and financial management industries, and started her own business in 2010 as a special events florist.  When her husband’s career moved the family to south Florida, Kristina traded her leadership role at a prominent index fund management company for a new role: Head of Human and Household Operations for her four young children.


Kristina is passionate about cooking, food science, and experimenting with new ingredients and fresh ideas.  She loves traveling and experiencing the world with her husband, Chris, and their four children.  An avid yogi, she also enjoys reading, live music, floral arts and gardening, and playing strategy board games after the kids go to bed.


“I’ve always had a strong inclination to protect and nurture the people and living things around me.  Especially after having kids, I became passionate about conserving our planet for future generations.  It’s my duty to teach my children, through words and actions, how to be good citizens and thoughtful stewards for our planet.  Joining One Planet Life felt like a natural next-step for me, and I’m thrilled to support their mission and strengthen my own sustainability efforts.”

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