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Lesley Dennison

Lesley Dennison

Head of Product Development & Digital Explorer

Lesley comes from the software development world, spending most of her career as a software testing consultant for companies such as ThoughtWorks and Huge in a variety of industries, including automotive, airlines, healthcare and news media.


Lesley has tracked just about every aspect of her life, so she is right at home focusing on data at OPL. Outside of work, you can find her curled up with a good book or sweating it out in a workout class (spinning and rowing are her favorites).


“My generation cares  – they care what happens to their environment and they care about the future they are shaping. Leveraging technology to give people the data they need to make informed decisions will be crucial in helping them change the trajectory this planet is on, and I think that harvesting, curating and putting data in their hands will be a huge part of that.”