Lorie Buckingham

Lorie Buckingham

Founder & Wayfinder


Lorie has enjoyed the past 30+ years centered by her love of the way technology can achieve business results. She was most fortunate to work with fabulous people around the world in The Coca-Cola Company, Avaya Corporation, Visteon Corporation, Union Carbide Corporation, and more.


Lorie is a curious person who enjoys reading, traveliing, and cooking.
Lorie also loves tennis and is now not just a spectator — She is taking lessons!


“Over the years, I was struck by how our lifestyles cause stress both on us and the planet.  This led me to explore and learn about sustainability and wellness.  With a deeper understanding, I began to make tangible changes in my life.  One Planet Life LLC was founded to connect with others on this journey. I hope that together we can make a significant difference for people and the planet. “

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