Sydney Terris

Sydney Terris

Principal UX & UI Design Advisor


As a UX designer by day and a video game dork by night, Sydney is a UX and UI Designer at Raven Software for the Call of Duty franchise.


Sydney passionately pursues vivid designs that emphasize innovation, immersion, vibrancy, and intuitive architecture.  Drawing upon her background in theoretical physics and data analytics, she creates vibrant user experiences that augment user agency by combining rapid iteration with research-conscious design exploration.  Outside of work, Sydney is a restless adventurer always up for a morning swim with whale sharks or an evening hike at Devil’s Lake.


“I am thrilled to join the One Planet Life team in uplifting the health, beauty, and accessibility of our natural world.  Together, by applying human-centered design, we will create vibrant user experiences that support and strengthen the sacred bonnd between ourselves and our planet.”

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