As we enter the winter months, a good cup of coffee or tea is warm and invigorating.  It’s even more satisfying when you buy your coffee or tea from a company dedicated to making a difference.  If you live in North America where you cannot grow coffee or tea, then the only way to get them is through trade.  When we engage in long-distance trade the social and environmental implications are usually invisible.

Is the farmer being paid properly?

Is the ground being nurtured sustainably?

Are the people throughout the entire process being treated fairly and kindly?

So many questions. Well, if you are like us, you want a good cup of coffee and you want to promote good in the world.  The good news is many others care, too!

As a matter of fact there are over 60 B-corporations around that world that focus on great coffee or tea while improving the farming community and reducing the impact on the environment.  Whether buying for yourself or as gifts, you can make a difference the next time you buy your coffee. B-corps are a great way to shop with a positive impact!

To help you get to know these companies, we selected a few of the Certified B-Corporations in the United States focused on coffee. Enjoy your next cup of coffee!

Here are a few of the Certified B-Corporations Focused on Coffee:
Conscious Coffees Logo

Organic Fair Trade Coffee Roaster

Certified Since:  December, 2014

Location:  Boulder, Colorado, USA

Grounds for Change Logo

Coffee Roasting

Certified Since:  September, 2010

Location:  Poulsbo, Washington, USA


Just Coffee Coop Logo

Wholesale Coffee Roaster

Certified Since:  September, 2017

Location:  Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Mutu Coffee Logo

Fresh Roasted Coffee and Accessories

Certified Since:  February, 2018

Location:  Spokane, Washington, USA

Sustainable Harvest Logo

Coffee Importer

Certified Since: June, 2008

Location:  Portland, Oregon, USA

DeansBeans Logo

Organic, Fair Trade Coffee and Chocolates; Social Justice and Development Work

Certified Since:  October, 2018

Location:  Orange, Massachusetts, USA

Higher Grounds Trading Logo

100% Organic, Fair Trade Coffee.  Equipment, Training, and Technical Support.

Certified Since:  January, 2016

Location:  Traverse City, Michigan, USA

Larrys Coffee Logo

Roasted Coffee Beans, Tea, Coffee Mugs, Cold Brew

Certified Since:  March, 2011

Location:  Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Peace Coffee Logo

Organic Coffee Roaster and Retailer

Certified Since:  November, 2017

Location:  Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Thrive Farmers

Farm to Table Platform for Wholesale and  Retail Sales of Coffee and Tea

Certified Since: December, 2016

Location:  Roswell, Georgia, USA

If you would like to learn more about companies focused on doing good, please read our blogs, Social Enterprises and B-Corporations Make a Difference and Shopping to Make a Difference