You can find great deals at a consignment sale and get a veritable win for your wallet and the planet.

I am a major outdoor enthusiast and am always looking for good deals on outdoor gear. This weekend, I visited a local outdoor consignment pop-up and had so much fun hunting for gently used gear. I look forward to these events as they allow me to get the outdoor equipment and clothing I need at a fraction of the cost with zero carbon impact.

Sometimes in my searches, I come across an item that is the perfect gift for a friend or loved one. Occasionally I’m hunting for something specific, but other times it’s the gear that finds me.  In some cases, I discover an item I didn’t know existed and have the opportunity to chat with the previous owner to learn more about how it works and whether it will benefit me in my own adventures.

Every consignment sale is different, which is half the fun.

Below are a few of my recent finds that I’m excited to grant a second life:

Great Deals on Summer Dresses

Summer dresses bought for $1.00 each at a second-hand store while on vacation.

Great Deals on Hiking Clothing at Thrift Store

Ready for a hike with clothing purchased for $12.00 total at a Goodwill store.

Fantastic Deals on Outdoor Camping Gear

You can find great camping gear like this at local consignment sales.

Great Deals on Used Kayaks

These gently used kayaks are just waiting for a new owner to take them for a ride.


Great Deals on Pre-owned Books

Books purchased at a deep discount between $.25 to $1.00 at a second-hand store while on vacation.


Sometimes my finds are the start of a new project.

I knitted this blanket using yarn I had thrifted over the years.

The possibilities are endless, economical, and planet-friendly at consignment stores near you.  What will you find at your local sale?  Share your finds with the OPL community today!

Handmade blanket made with thrifted yarn