An Immense World

Written by Ed Yong

OPL BOOK SUMMARY:  Get a glimpse of how Darwin must have felt when he saw the variety of life on the Galapagos Islands. Chapter by chapter, readers are dazzled with new worlds beyond their perceptions. Yong debunks the common misunderstanding that animals experience the world in the same way humans do. Readers learn the unique senses animals use to guide how they live, feed, and procreate. From taste buds all over their bodies to blue eyes on the rim of their shells, from animals who can see ultraviolet light to those who sense infrared radiation and subtle surface vibrations, this book will leave you looking at wildlife in a new way.

Each organism has its umwelt: its world as they experience it. This book is a great exploratory journey into the different worlds around us. As you read, you can expand beyond your senses and begin to perceive the world and all life in a new and inspiring way. An Immense World is a joyful discovery.

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