Peak Mind: Find Your Focus, Own Your Attention, Invest 12 Minutes a Day

Written by Amishi P. Jha

OPL BOOK SUMMARY:  A meditation journey takes time to learn and find out what works for you. Learning to meditate takes consistent effort, but the benefits to your life are many. Our mind, like our bodies, requires training to be in peak form. We can quickly feel anxious, worried, and overwhelmed such that our lives seem to pass without us being able to live our best lives. Can 12 minutes a day really make a difference? The answer is yes! Peak Mind is about the science of attention, how it works, and how you can harness the power of your attention – cultivating your brain to pay attention to gain fuller access to your life.

Dr. Amishi P. Jha is the Director of Contemplative Neuroscience and Professor of Psychology at the University of Miami. She shares her studies and how you can change your life for the better in 12 minutes a day. Learn to find your flashlight, body scan, connection practice, and how to leverage them to a better you. 

It’s a good starting place for busy people looking for peace of mind. 

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