Rebel Chef: In Search of What Matters

Written by Dominique Crenn

OPL BOOK SUMMARY:  Dominique Crenn takes us on her life journey from early childhood adoption to a loving, well-to-do French family to the unique creative chef she is today.  Her experiences with family dinner parties gave her insights into how the local ingredients brought together with art can be otherworldly (glamorous and fun).  Dominique takes you along on her bold journey from France to San Francisco and as she worked her way through the ups and downs of the culinary world. 

Dominque has a way of diving in headfirst while staying connected to her journey and vision.

She has a deep awareness of the connection of food to our health and the environment. She shares a simple message: “that people should eat and consider where food on their plate comes from.” More importantly, she brings this into her kitchen with vegetable-forward meals from local and sustainable sources. Her chapter on “The Ethical Kitchen” includes ideas for how we can all eat healthier and sustainable for the planet. 

In her restaurant, Atelier Crenn, all the dimensions of her personality come together.  They create an adventure that flows with life. The restaurant does not even have its name outside.  The adventure begins as you search for this small restaurant and find the side door to enter. Once inside and seated,  the menu is a poem that hints at what the multi-course meal will be while never directly stating the courses. The poetry is to draw you in and connect with nature and joy. Each dish in this vegetable-forward tasting menu is with local ingredients from local farms and fisheries.  The atmosphere is a deep, elegant connection with nature and your senses. 

The book is an engaging and candid view of what drove Dominque Crenn to become an award-winning chef. 

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