Silent Spring

Written by Rachel Carson

OPL BOOK SUMMARY:  Rachel Carson’s book is packed full of scientific information and shared in graceful, compelling prose from beginning to end. Her keen observation, knowledge, and determination led to her a pivotal moment when she knew she needed to write Silent Spring. At the time, the chemical DDT was indiscriminately sprayed on farms, parks, and even in neighborhoods.  No consideration was taken on the health impacts on humans, animals, birds, and other life.

Rachel asked the question: “Who would want to live in a world that is not quite fatal?” Humanity had acquired the power to alter the natural world with speed and without concern for the damage to the people and the planet. Her book is powerful as we continue to damage our environment in the name of progress. Her chapters take you on a journey of the impact of chemical pollution on towns, soil, rivers, water, and animal life. The chapter on “The Human Price” is just as compelling today as the world struggles with climate change. She shows us how to understand a complex interconnected world by looking both at the big picture and the details in a thoughtful manner.  We continue to deal with the hazards that we are creating. Knowing this, we can choose to progress in alignment with nature. Humans are innovative and can change.  Do we need to accept that progress requires that we destroy nature?  Rachel would say no.  We could not agree more! Rachel Carson, we thank you for bringing your twin talents in writing and science to make a difference! 

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