The Nature Fix: Why Nature Makes Us Happier, Healthier, and More Creative

Written by Florence Williams


The Nature Fix by Florence Williams is a fascinating investigation into the benefits of spending time in nature. I had the wonderful opportunity to attend her lecture in Highlands, NC this fall, where she presented some intriguing research showing how nature can make people happier, healthier, and even more creative. As Williams so aptly put it, “It’s how the external landscape is reflected in our internal landscape.”

The book is divided into five parts: “Looking for Nature Neurons,” “Nearby Nature: The First Five Minutes,” “Five Hours A Month,” “Backcountry Brain,” and “The City in a Garden.”

 She presents a compelling argument for why we should prioritize spending time in nature and provides practical tips for how to do so. The tip that really captured me was “the science of AWE”:

A – Attention

W – Wait

E –  Exhale

What an incredibly simple process for taking time for nature and bringing nature into our lives!

Overall, The Nature Fix is a well-written and thoroughly enjoyable exposition of the benefits of being in nature. Why not find a tree to sit under and start reading?

Available used at BetterWorldBooks.

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