The Secret Network of Nature: The Delicate Balance of All Living Things

Written by Peter Wohlleben


OPL BOOK SUMMARY:  Nature is a connected network of life that we rarely notice. in The Secret Network of Nature, Peter Wohlleben shares many examples of nature’s interconnected-ness so we can begin to see the world in all its beautiful complexity.  Based on science he leads us through life cycles where salmon, rivers, and trees support each other.  We learn how wolves, bears, and fish need each other in Yellowstone National Park.   To our surprise trees take loving care of their young. In one chapter he explores our role in nature.

Peter opens our eyes and we will never look at nature the same again. It is magical and deserves our understanding and care.

On page 186 he shares scientific knowledge on trees and how they care for their families. “Beeches, as well as Douglas first and other socially-oriented species, love their families. If that sounds exaggerated it’s worth taking a moment to listen to the Canadian scientist Dr. Suzanne Simard. She discovered that mother trees can sense through their roots whether the seedlings at their feet are their own children or the offspring of other trees of their own species. They support only their own children, by providing them with sugar through connected root systems – effectively by suckling them. But that is not all. To help the young trees, the parents step back underground, leaving the little ones more room, water and nutrients.”

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