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Awareness and interest in the importance of living more sustainably is growing worldwide.

Introducing the One Planet Life app.

We live in exciting and scary times. It is impossible to avoid the fact that we have been on a path that is not sustainable. Much has been written and reported on the harm we have already unleashed on the planet and our lives. While daunting, this is a pivotal moment when we can make a difference for our future. We can see ourselves as global citizens, change our focus, and act differently.

The app helps you dial into what you can do to live in better balance with nature and tracks your small everyday victories to reduce your CO2 one metric ton at a time. It works like a climate fitness app, where you set goals for reducing CO2, track your progress, and have fun!

One Planet Life App co2 Baseline

You select the actions that work for you and see how your impact is magnified when combined with other OPL community members.

When 16 of us each reduce our CO2 emissions by one metric ton, that’s equivalent to one person going net-zero! Now imagine 160 people make the change, then 1,600 achieve the same victory.

Good news! Reducing your CO2 emissions by one metric
ton is very doable. Get started on your journey today.
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Join a vibrant community of global citizens who care about all life and learn more about the environment

When you download the One Planet Life app, you will find it easy to explore ways to make joyful changes. Learn through blogs, books, and data insights, support environmental organizations, and leverage our MARKET of recommended companies leading sustainability.

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