Our world is contaminated with plastic. For too long, we have looked away while this big business has convinced us to use single-use plastic for convenience. We are all paying the price for this petroleum-based product that does not decompose. It breaks into microplastic fibers that are in everything – fish, animals, air, water, and even humans. Does it make sense to you to use a product that stays on our planet or oceans forever?  

We applaud the March meeting of the UN Environmental Assembly to end plastic pollution, and forge an international, legally binding agreement, by the end of 2024. The meeting was attended by 175, and we need global progress. Some countries are leading the way, such as Kenya, the UK, and China, with regulations in place. In the US, California and Hawaii have state-wide bans. Meanwhile, cities and towns are taking action in New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Utah, Washington, Oregon, and more. Great start, but we have a long way to go.

We call on our One Planet Life community to join the cause to reduce single-use plastic.
Reducing plastic is a TRIPLE PLAY. It reduces climate change, nature loss, & pollution. Use OUR APP to select plastic-reducing joyful changes and track your progress.
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    Begin with small changes to reduce your plastic footprint.

    Then move on to refusing plastic whenever possible. Start by buying and using reusable items. Bring reusable bags when shopping, say no to straws, and bring reusable cutlery, water bottles, and containers when you are out and about. 

    Support cities and local communities that are banning single-use plastic.

    Tell everyone you know what you now know and ask them to join in.

    Amina Mohammed spoke at the UN Environmental Assembly on March 2, 2024, and her words are important. “Today, no area of the planet is left untouched by plastic pollution, from deep-sea sediment to Mount Everest. The planet deserves a truly multilateral solution to this scourge that affects us all. An agreement that speaks from source to sea.”