Harriet Cook

Harriet Cook

Good Life Analyst


Harriet has spent her career explaining business processes to technology providers and technology capabilities to business people. She had the great fortune to work with many great leaders in a variety of industries delivering technology and process solutions for game changing results. Harriet loves taking complex projects, breaking them down to concrete actionable steps, and successfully executing them by coordinating the diverse talents necessary to realize the vision.


Harriet is an epicurean at heart. She loves to cook using fresh, local ingredients to create healthy and interesting dining experiences. And of course, having the right wine pairing is essential! She has also become a huge Yoga enthusiast, learning to become more mindful and self-aware in approaching life and its opportunities.


“I am so excited to be a part of the One Planet Life journey. Living a good life, while making good decisions in support of our communities and planet, requires awareness. Technology can help each of us, not only find needed information, but drive the insights, for building our individual sustainability roadmaps — those concrete, actionable steps to making a contribution and difference. The OPL vision, dynamic platform of offerings, and community voice and discussion can provide a great foundation for continually growing our awareness and living the Good Life!”

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