Protected Land

OPL INSIGHT: Protected Land By State in the USA

The United States has 63 natural parks and protected lands, encompassing an area roughly 432,000 square miles (12% of the U.S.).  Most protected land in the US is privately owned. Privately owned land can be used in a variety of ways, depending on zoning laws, without regard for natural habitats. Protected areas in the United States receive widely different levels of protection. Protected areas can be managed as wilderness while others allow commercial exploitation operations.

The United States protected areas are controlled by different federal, state, tribal, and local level authorities and receive widely different levels of protection.  The Biden administration has an initiative to conserve 30% of the nation’s land and water by 2030.  The plan, known as “30 by 30,” will define what constitutes “conserved” land, and make it distinct from “protected” land.  

To learn more about protected land in your state, we invite you to explore our interactive map below.


Grand Canyon National Park

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