Earth Day is right around the corner!  Be a warrior for change this year and join One Planet Life’s Love the Earth Challenge in the One Planet Life app.  

One Planet Life’s monthly challenges are a great way to engage with members of the OPL community and work together to make a difference for our planet.  Each challenge includes a series of Joyful Changes to help motivate and inspire you to live more sustainably.  Our monthly challenges cover a wide range of activities focused on wellness, our connection to nature, the food we eat, breaking our dependence on plastic, and more.

The Love the Earth Challenge is focused specifically on activities that reduce carbon emissions and ease the burden our actions have on the planet.  Use reusable water bottles and containers daily, tend to a garden, clean up a green space, plant native species and trees, support local farmers and CSAs near you, and more.  Shower our planet with love this month and commit to greener habits with our Love the Earth challenge today!

How Can I Join?

Signing up for monthly challenges is easy!  Navigate to the “Challenges” tab in the app and click “Join Challenge.”  Once you join, you will see temporary, challenge-specific Joyful Changes added to your existing list of journey-specific Joyful Changes in the “Life Center” tab.  Challenge-specific Joyful Changes are indicated with a trophy icon.

When you complete an activity, simply tap the radio button next to the Joyful Change to mark it as complete. Don’t forget to check the “Challenges” tab often to see how you and others in the community are doing and who is climbing the leaderboard. Together, we can make a difference!

Love the Earth April Challenge
Show the Earth some love and join our challenge on the One Planet Life app today!