Ready to catch a wave to a more sustainable life? Download the One Planet Life app and begin tracking your journey today!

Our mission at One Planet Life is to create human-centered solutions for individuals to move from climate concern to action. Hope and stubborn optimism drive every step we take to effect positive change.   The future is not written yet. People can make changes to align with nature and live a sustainable life. Each of us can take actions that make a difference. 

We designed an app that each of us at One Planet Life wants to use.

We asked friends, family, experts, and people who have made amazing sustainability progress to weigh in with their wants and needs in an eco-tracker app. We teamed up with brilliant developers to make the app as elegant as it is easy to use. We think you’ll like the outcome.

Our new app is designed to assist you in your sustainability journey. It works like a climate fitness tracker, where you set goals for reducing CO2, track your progress, and have fun.  


One Planet Life App co2 Baseline
Browse and select a personal journey to reduce your CO2 one metric ton at a time.

Explore joyful changes, including food, goods, travel, housing, and nature. Select a few or as many changes as you want and begin tracking. Start with easy changes and move to more difficult ones over time.The average American produces 16+ metric tons per year.  We share lots of options to reduce your CO2 impact by one metric ton (2204 pounds).  By making small changes and sticking to them you can make a big difference in a year. Below are a sampling of joyful changes.

Together we make a huge difference.

If 16 people reduced one metric ton of CO2 per year, it would be the same as one person living a no-impact life! Imagine if one million people reduce one metric ton of CO2 per year, it will equate to 62,500 people living a no-impact life. Take it one step further; if 100 million people did the same thing, it would be the equivalent of over 6 million people living no-impact lives. That is like a whole city! There are over 300 million people in the US alone. If we all make small changes, we can have a big impact together. 

The secret is small wins over time. It may start slowly, and with time the impact increases in both CO2 reduction and planet points. Imagine that you have reduced your CO2 by one metric ton by the end of a year, and you now have new life habits. The app will now track your habits automatically, enabling you to take on more joyful changes. Being part of a community where you can see the combined impact is inspiring. Share your learnings and successes with the One Planet Life community.

While on your journey, we hope you visit our Learn tab to delve into blogs, recipes, books, insights, and organizations. The Market tab is designed as a source to shop at companies that are making significant strides for the environment and people along with local businesses that help our stay communities be vibrant.

A note from our founder Lorie.

My journey began by reading to understand our lifestyles — the impact on us and the planet. This exploration was shocking. My understanding grew about the aspects of our lifestyle that are not life-sustaining. My journey started with the desire to have a healthy diet. I love food and wanted to understand how it was produced, what chemicals were in it, and could it harm my family. Little by little, I learned the ugly truth and began making changes. This blossomed into learning about the chemicals in the products in our home. The positive change led to success. Before I knew it, I became hooked on making a series of small changes to make our lives and the world better. My journey started more than 20 years ago and I am still making small everyday changes. It is time-consuming and hard to get reliable information. On top of that, I could not find a tool to track my progress. I love data and want to track my progress. That is why I am as eager to use the One Planet Life app as I am to introduce it to you.

We are at a pivotal moment when actions can make a difference for our future. 

To avoid the worst of climate change, we need to reduce our carbon footprint by 50 percent by 2030. And by 2050, we must have stopped emitting more greenhouse gases than the planet can naturally absorb through ecosystems. We can be a part of the solution and start making changes — even small changes. Christina Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac state it well in their book, The Future We Choose: Surviving the Climate Crisis. “You can do it. You can switch your focus, and you will be stunned by the impact such a shift can create. You don’t need to have all the answers, and you certainly don’t need to hide from the truth, nor should you. When faced with hard realities, look at them with clarity, but also know that you are incredibly lucky to be alive at a time when you can make a transformative difference to the future of all life on earth.”

The time is now. Do it for yourself. Do it for your community. Do it for life on this planet. 

Download the One Planet Life app today…explore and begin acting to:

  • Track CO2 reduction progress
  • Learn how to reduce CO2, plastic, waste, and more
  • Spend your money with a sustainability focus
  • Enjoy an ad-free, positive experience

We are over-the-moon excited to share our new app with you! We hope you download our app and share your journey with our community and us! Here’s to a sustainable life.

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