This article highlights how stories can help us imagine our future world if we do not take climate change seriously.

Fiction is a window into our future.

While I was reading the book, The Ministry for the Future, my nephew and I watched the movie Sharknado. These contrasting climate stories stunned me. Our climate fiction centers around disasters with only a few people surviving, such as Sharknado. The Ministry for the Future is a story about how many people around the world take action to stay under the 1.5-degree Celcius threshold. The journey is disturbing and hopeful. Let’s explore these two different future climate change stories.


The cult-favorite Sharknado movies center around a series of severe storms that make “sharknados” emerge, wiping out cities. Fictional sharknados are tornadoes with the power to pull sharks out of oceans into funnels and rain them down onto land. This comical series has people going about their daily activities, ignoring the bizarre weather pattern until it is too late. Only lead characters Fin and April, along with a small group, are able to save the day. 

Is this how we want to deal with climate change? Do we want to hope that there will be a couple of heroes with whom we happen to be when the disaster occurs? While disaster movies are fun, they don’t help us see a path to the future.

The book The Ministry for the Future is science fiction rooted in science and human nature. For the next 30 years, the climate crisis is navigated: terrible things happen and many die, but humanity survives.  A terrifying and hopeful thought. This story engages us in thinking through how we might journey through this. If we all understand more and take action, small and big, we can be a part of getting as many people and all life through this crucial point in time. 

How will we handle this challenge? It is easy to feel powerless facing challenges that no one person can solve. 


We strongly believe that people can make a difference.

It is why we developed the One Planet Life app to assist you on your sustainability journey. Our app works like a climate fitness app. You select actions that work for you to reduce your CO2, track your progress and celebrate everyday victories. If 16 users reduce their CO2 emissions by one metric ton, this is equivalent to one person going net zero! Now imagine if 160 people make that change.  Then imagine 1,600 achieving the same victory. It’s inspiring!  And the good news is that reducing your first metric ton of CO2 emissions is very doable.  

It will take many people working together to combat climate change, but we believe we can do it. If each of us makes small actions – or joyful changes, as we refer to them – it can make a big difference.  

Let’s get serious about climate change and make sustainable changes to prevent a “sharknado” future. Join us today!

Written by Lorie Buckingham

Written by Lorie Buckingham

OPL Founder and Wayfinder

“Over the years, I was struck by how our lifestyles cause stress both on us and the planet.  This led me to explore and learn about sustainability and wellness.  With a deeper understanding, I began to make tangible changes in my life.  One Planet Life LLC was founded to connect with others on this journey. I hope that together we can make a significant difference for people and the planet. “