50 Simple Things You Can Do To Save the Earth

Written by John Javna, Sophie Javna, and Jesse Javna


OPL BOOK SUMMARY:  Climate change action is needed on all levels, from  governments to big companies to our own actions every day. Sometimes it may seem like we are too small to make a difference.  But we can each make simple changes in our life to help the environment. Most of the actions in 50 Simple Things You Can Do to Save the Earth are ‘ridiculously easy,’ and it’s true!  Recycling your Sunday paper, planting a tree, or opting out of junk mail all add up to trees and water saved, and ultimately, lower carbon emissions.

Each tip in this book comes with background and fast facts illustrating why it is important, and steps to help you make the change. 50 Simple Things makes helping the planet foolproof.  If you knew that turning off the tap while you brush your teeth could save your household  20,000 gallons of water alone, wouldn’t you? Our planet is hurting.  This book can help you do your part to heal our planet without cramping your lifestyle.

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