What It’s Like to Be a Bird: From Flying, to Nesting, Eating to Singing – What  Birds are Doing and Why

Written by David Allen Sibley


OPL BOOK SUMMARY: Birds are everywhere.  They existed from prehistoric times and have evolved with incredible talents. Let David Allen Sibley guide your journey into the bird world.  You will find yourself gazing into the sky and admiring the birds of North America.

As a recipient of the lifetime achievement award from the American Birding Association, David has a wealth of bird knowledge to share. His book is packed with pictures and information while remaining readable for all. Reading this book is like a meandering walk in nature.  On this walk, you can explore 96 birds common to North America. Each bird section starts with a life-size picture, bird information, and short essays on how birds think and live. It is easy to start with one bird and then follow the references to other pages.  It is a wandering path about birds and their connections to us.

For example, we learn that turkeys and all birds have ears. The feather-covered ears are just below the eyes.  Many birds have better hearing than people. The name turkey comes from the mistaken impression that they arrived in Europe from Turkey. Turkeys were first domesticated in South Mexico and brought to Europe in the 1500s by Spanish explorers. In the year 1620, the Mayflower set sail for Massachusetts with several live turkeys among the cargo.

This wandering path is enjoyable for adults and children to learn about birds and how we are connected. Afterward, you will have a new appreciation for birds and their magnificent lives.

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