The Conscious Closet: The Revolutionary Guide to Looking Good While Doing Good

Written by Elizabeth L. Cline

OPL BOOK SUMMARY:  The clothing business is a big business – an approximately 2 trillion dollar business – and employs hundreds of millions of people around the world. Elizabeth L. Cline is a voice to bring to light that, sadly, fashion is not a positive force in our world. Garment workers are not earning a living wage, microplastic from our clothes is polluting our water, and unwanted fashions are overflowing in landfills and markets around the world. 

If you are concerned by fast fashion and the harm the clothing business does to people and our planet and want to know how you can make a difference, then you will like this practical guide to becoming a conscious consumer of clothing. Elizabeth traveled around the world, promoting her book Overdressed, and through discussion, her approach to conscious dressing crystalized. She shares her approach to transforming from an impulse, fast fashion shopper to a conscious consumer. We love how she started with a wardrobe impact inventory. Amazingly we only wear about 18% of our clothing on average. It is eye-opening to take inventory – understanding the number of items in your wardrobe, percentage worn, components, fabrics, country of origin, knowledge of environmental and social issues in fashion, then making conscious changes by taking a new inventory. The results can be amazing as you join others in changing the world. Elizabeth’s book is a practical guide to saying goodbye to fast fashion, the art of less and more, sustainable fashion, making it last, and being a part of the change.

Elizabeth L. Cline is an expert in sustainability and labor rights in the fashion industry, professor of Fashion Policy and Consumerism and Sustainability at Columbia University, and the author of Overdressed and The Conscious Closet.  

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