Fashionopolis: The Secrets Behind the Clothes We Wear – Young Readers Edition

Written by Dana Thomas

OPL BOOK SUMMARY:  Dana expertly takes us on a journey of understanding the history, human price, and the dirty environmental truth of fast fashion. Woven throughout the book are also inspiring stories of hope.  Eco-conscious fashion designers are bringing back locally produced organic cotton clothing and utilizing natural indigo instead of synthetic indigo in their dyeing processes.  Stella McCartney’s company implemented an Environmental Profit and Loss report (EP&L) in 2013 to understand and lessen her company’s environmental impacts. These innovators are part of a growing group of businesses that focus on slow fashion.  They are successfully profitable and sensible on a small-to-medium scale.

Dana also explains how future robotic innovations are moving to the forefront of the clothing industry.  These innovations will bring a significant shift to the way our textiles are produced. SoftWear Automation in Atlanta, GA, began using robots that Georgia Tech scientists invented.  Known as Sewbots, these robots were optimized for the textile industry and are now make bath mats and towels. 

Dana also empowers readers to make a difference by being informed consumers and shopping for sustainable clothing. If your budget doesn’t allow this, she suggests buying sustainable clothes on sale or second-hand. There are many ways to curate a sustainable wardrobe on any budget!

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