The Incredible Journey of Plants

Written by Stefano Mancuso


OPL BOOK SUMMARY:  Join Stefano Mancuso as he takes you on an incredible journey of plants.  This book reads more like a fiction travel log, but incredibly, it is all true. Learn about the many talents of plants, including the pioneers, combatants, veterans, fugitives, conquerors, courageous, time travelers, and solitary trees. Trees live so much longer than us and move so slow that we do not notice their special traits. They grow in family groups and many trees live longer than 1000 years. They were here before us and will still remain long after we are gone.

Years after a human traveler plants a seed in a new location, their sprouts may flourish in abundance in their new environment. Consider this: the trees we consider invasive have special talents. Some notable abilities they may have are an ability to prolifically spread seeds, grow rapidly, adapt to environmental conditions, and tolerate stress.

This book is a pleasure from beginning to end.

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