The Incredible Journey of Plants

Written by Stefano Mancuso

OPL BOOK SUMMARY:  Stefano Mancuso’s book reads more like a fiction travel log but incredibly it is all true. Learn about plants with different talents including the pioneers, combatants, veterans, fugitives, conquerors, courageous, time travelers, and solitary trees. Trees live so much longer than us and move slower such that we do not notice their special traits. They grow in family groups and many trees live longer than 1000 years. They were here before us and will be after us.

Years after a human traveler has planted a seed in a new location, there can be an abundance of trees that changed to flourish in the new environment. Consider this: the trees we consider invasive have special talents. They include: a great ability to spread seeds; rapid growth; capacity to alter their form in response to environmental conditions; tolerance of multiple kinds of stress; and capability of associating with humans.

This book is a pleasure from beginning to end.

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