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Green Nest Eco-Journey Starter Kit


Support your sustainability journey with the Green Nest Eco-Journey Starter Kit, a curated set of planet-friendly products for your home. This kit includes Organic Wool Dryer Balls by Bamboo Switch, UNPaper Towels by Cheeks Ahoy, Smart LED dimmable light bulb by Yeelight, a hydropod herb kit, and our exclusive OPL Green Nest Little Book, to give you inspiration, tips, and motivation on your journey. It’s a great day to go green!

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Our homes bring us joy, shelter, and comfort. But unfortunately, the average American home accounts for about 3.5 carbon tons per year, about 20% of an individual's emissions. The Green Your Nest Journey Eco-Kit can help you transition to cleaner energy practices and reduce your impact on the environment.

The products in this kit have been curated to make your Green Nest Journey easier.  Inside this kit you will find:

  • Organic Wool Dryer Balls by Bamboo Switch - Eliminate the need for wasteful dryer sheets and keep harmful chemicals away from your clothes with these dryer balls.
  • UNPaper Towels by Cheeks Ahoy - Save trees with these reusable ultra-absorbent flannel cloths, which can clean up a mess better than paper towels and last for years.
  • Smart LED dimmable light bulb by Yeelight - Live brighter with this LED lightbulb, which uses 75% less energy and lasts 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs.
  • Hydropod herb kit - Bring a touch of green to your home and only pick what you need with this cute herb kit.
  • OPL Green Nest Little Book - an OPL exclusive! Our book provides information about the Green Your Nest Journey, as well as inspiration, tips, and motivation to make Joyful Changes.

We hope this eco-journey starter kit helps you on your Green Nest sustainability journey to a better planet and a better you. Equipped with the One Planet Life App and the Green Nest Eco-Journey Kit, the future is yours!


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