Our Main Meals recipes are a great way to try new vegetarian or vegan recipes and explore exotic cuisines that may be new to your palate.

We ask ourselves the age-old question regularly: What should I make for dinner? Luckily, One Planet Life is here to help with that! We have an ever-growing list of plant-rich dinner recipes to inspire you to revisit a classic dish or try something new. Plus, many of these recipes are great the next day, saving you time, money, and the effort to figure out what to make for lunch.

Globally, there are entire populations of people who eat vegetarian- and vegan-based recipes regularly.  Their dishes – hailing from Ethiopia, South India, the Mediterranean, Mexico, Indonesia, and many Asian countries – can bring a richness of flavor and texture to your regular dinner rotation.  

Incorporating vegetarian and vegan recipes into your diet is a great way to lower your monthly grocery bills and also ensure you are getting your recommended servings of vegetables each day.  But not only that: replacing four of your meals with vegetarian or vegan meals can save up to 748 lbs of carbon emissions per year.  You can use our app to track the vegetarian and vegan meals you eat and can easily measure your progress to offset 1 ton of carbon emissions – a huge win for your health and the planet!  

Try one of our featured Main Meals Recipes today:
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Taking your delicious soups and salads on the go? It’s easy to make a Joyful Change and avoid single-use plastics with these planet-friendly products: