Small actions made by many create a ripple effect with a significant impact.

The One Planet Life community is making a measurable impact in reducing carbon emissions. Based on the Joyful Changes being made and tracked on the One Planet Life app, together, we have reduced more than 30 tons of carbon emissions. That's equivalent to carbon greenhouse gas emissions avoided by recycling 10.4 tons of waste instead of sending it to a landfill! Embrace a more sustainable lifestyle, monitor your impact, and enjoy the journey! Learn more about One Planet Life.

Live Sustainably with the One Planet Life App!

Pick a journey or create your own. Reduce your carbon footprint one metric ton at a time. Earn points and award badges. Join a community of like-minded people who know their actions matter. Explore and learn from blogs and insights to support your journey. Sign up for notifications and get daily motivations to keep you inspired along your sustainability journey. Get the app today and get started!

Joyful Changes


Protect the Planet


Time to Give Trees the Love They Deserve

Research shows that being around trees and green space lowers your blood pressure, slows your heart rate and reduces stress. It is time to love the trees and find ways to protect them and create new space for them.

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