A Pocket Guide to Sustainable Food Shopping: How to Navigate the Grocery Store, Read Labels, and Help Save the Planet

Written by Kate Bratskeir

OPL BOOK SUMMARY:  We love Kate’s positive and practical guide to sustainable food shopping. Like One Planet Life, she is not a fan of Environmental Guilt Syndrome. It is not possible to be perfect. Guilt and trying to be perfect are paralyzing.  That is the last thing we need right now. Delve into her chapters on How to Start (Being Less of a Garbage Person), Greenwashing and the Myth of Consumer Choice, Look Out For These Bullshit Labels, and more.

This pocket guide can answer questions, such as which of the non-dairy kinds of milk are the least harmful to the environment? Learn how to avoid plastic and waste in our food supply chain. Kate shares hard facts about the food industry and steps you can take to make the grocery store a more ethical place.  A Pocket Guide to Sustainable Food Shopping is a great little book for anyone who wants to help the planet. 

Available used at BetterWorldBooks.

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