Rebirding: Restoring Britain’s Wildlife

Written by Benedict MacDonald

OPL BOOK SUMMARY:  Rebirding paints a vision of a wild Britain and then shares provocative actions and hope that the future can be a place of great biodiversity.  Benedict takes the long view starting with how Britain was tamed.  This bold and hopeful book acknowledges Britain’s environmental challenges and offers a proactive approach for ecological restoration.  He advocates for the development of large-scale habitats to preserve bird species and prevent their extinction.  What we fail to recognize is that birds, trees, and animals operate collectively and need ecosystems of scale to flourish.

In Chapter 7, Benedict shares his thoughts on the “Wild Economy.”  He compels us to think of the economic benefit of wild areas and how it can create jobs for rural communities.  It is interesting and helpful to link rewilding with economic factors.  By thoughtfully creating jobs and opportunities for people to care for nature, we can preserve more habitat and biodiversity and allow more visitors to experience its benefits.  As the world becomes more urban, it is important to make sure wild nature and rural economies thrive.

MacDonald envisions a different Britain full of nature and wildlife.  It is not a crowded country – 82% of the population lives in urban areas – and has plenty of space for nature. He outlines how to invest in habitats of scale and create new outcomes.

Benedict’s book is a splendid read.  The vision of rewilding on a grander scale is possible.

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