Urban Gardening for Beginners

Written by Marc Thoma


OPL BOOK SUMMARY:  Urban dwellers can benefit from a connection with their food. Marc Thoma’s Urban Gardening for Beginners shares easy ways to create your own indoor or balcony vegetable & fruit garden. Thoma guides you on how to start small and plan what to grow.  He offers tips on selecting containers, preparing the soil, setting up lighting, caring for plants, and how to harvest. Herbs are a great place to start, and the section on herbs explains the needs of each type and the care required.

If you prefer to follow a step-by-step guide, then turn to chapters 4 and 5 for easy outlines for several garden concepts.  Try salad in a container, a raised bed veggie garden for the family windowsill, an herb and scallion centerpiece, and more. Caring for your own little garden to supplement your farmer’s market purchases.  It’s a fun, rewarding, and delicious experience!

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