My journey to a more sustainable lifestyle started by realizing I have a lot to learn! Becoming aware that the way we live impacts the planet was a key first step.  As a Good Life Analyst for OPL, I have been lucky to lead a variety of research projects and have learned so much about our climate crisis. But all this information can be overwhelming. Where can I start to do my part?  How can I join with others to take action?


Recently I had the great opportunity to attend a lecture by Katharine K. Wilkinson, co-editor of the national bestseller, All We Can Save.

All We Can Save is an OPL recommended Read. Here is an insight from OPL’s review. “We understand that it is less of a battle and more of an awakening and healing. It is more about how we live — how we care for everything on our living planet.”

[Photo:  (L) Harriet Cook with Katharine Wilkinson (R)]

All We Can Save Book Cover
Katharine offered five guiding principles to living more sustainably.

Katharine’s message was a great primer on how to start that personal journey to awakening and healing, changing how we must live to protect all life on this planet.

First, “feel your feelings.” It is OK to be angry or frightened, or overwhelmed by the current state of affairs. But don’t let them be obstacles; let them inspire.

Next, she recommends “survey solutions.” Study and gain perspective on opportunities that exist to make an impact and heal.

Another great insight is to assess “your context.” Most of us at any given time operates in one of three different areas in our lives: the personal, the professional, or the public. Each of these contexts offers avenues for taking action.

I loved the next one, as I paraphrase: find and use your “Super Powers.” Driving by compassion, connection, creativity, and collaboration is powerful.

Finally, she emphasizes that “building community” is a necessary prerequisite for building a better world.  We are in this together. The movement is only as strong as we are as a collective force.

I hope you have time to read more from Katharine K. Wilkinson in All We Can Save and follow the great work of the non-profit, the All We Can Save Project.  As stated in the book’s introductory notes:

“We hope this book can be a spark of connecting, learning together, deepening our resolve, and joyously finding our places in the mighty ‘we’ that’s rising to secure a just and livable future.”

Harriet Cook

Harriet Cook is OPL’s Good Life Analyst and puts her expert data-crunching skills to work to share the true picture of human impact on the planet.  Learn more about Harriet.