You don’t need an excuse to enjoy dessert; a little sweet stuff can make any day feel special.

One Planet Life has a variety of delicious dessert and healthy treat recipes to inspire you. These recipes for homemade treats are the perfect way to add zest to your next gathering or simply brighten someone’s day.  

But not all desserts are made equal. 

While homemade treats are more time-consuming, they are arguably better than their pre-made, highly processed cousins for several reasons. Homemade treats generally cost less than prepared sweets, and they avoid artificial preservatives and shelf-stabilizing ingredients, theoretically making them healthier because they are made with simple, wholesome ingredients you can pronounce. Anything you make at home can also be easily adapted to your dietary restrictions and taste, like adjusting the amount of sugar used or adding fruit or vegetables to boost its nutritional value. Homemade treats also avoid the single-use plastic in which most packaged treats travel.

Our Sweet Stuff recipes are also great for showing someone you care.

Desserts made with love are always better, as your recipient knows you took the time and effort to make something especially for them. Satisfy their sweet tooth with a one-of-a-kind gift made from the heart.

Try one of our featured Sweet Stuff recipes today:
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Gift your homemade items with love in your heart for the planet!

Avoid wasteful wrapping paper and instead present your gift in a functional, reusable tote that your recipient can use again and again.  Our One Planet Life totes are produced using efficient sizing, cutting, and stitching methods, creating little to no fabric waste.  Or use a reusable mason jar, tray, or serving vessel to package up your treats, which the recipient can use well after its contents have been enjoyed.


It’s easy to make a Joyful Change and avoid wasteful wrapping with these planet-friendly products: