There’s nothing like a refreshing beverage to support your health and vitality. We have recipes that show that staying hydrated doesn’t have to be boring!

 Humans are 55-60% water, and proper hydration is essential to regulate body temperature, deliver nutrients to cells, maintain proper organ function, ensure productive sleep, boost cognition, and more.  While it is recommended that you drink 11-16 cups of water per day, you can also drink other liquids to fulfill this requirement.

Unfortunately for Americans, most popular beverages are loaded with sweeteners, artificial ingredients, and preservatives and offer no substantial nutrition. Sugary drinks have been linked to weight gain, diabetes, and other health issues – not to mention the toll bottled drinks have on the environment.

Delight your taste buds with one of our Beverages recipes! 

You can create a healthy drink with a little time and perhaps only politely sweetened. Or use one of our recipes as inspiration to create your own specialty beverage, adapting it to your dietary restrictions and taste preferences.  Who knows: Maybe you’ll come across a new signature drink! 

Try one of our featured Beverages recipes today:
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While reaching for bottled water, soda, or other to-go beverages is easy and quick, that decision has lasting consequences on our environment. Plastic, which never decomposes, is pervasive in our society, and so little of it is able to be recycled successfully.  Using a product only once and having it linger on our planet and oceans forever doesn’t make sense. You can make a Joyful Change by using reusable water bottles and drink containers daily; doing so can eliminate 720 plastic water bottles a year from your life (avoiding approximately 230 lbs of CO2 a year). Join our app and track your progress to offset 1 ton of carbon emissions today! 


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