Rachel Carson and Her Book that Changed the World

Written by Laurie Lawlor

OPL BOOK SUMMARY:  Meet Rachel Carson as a little girl who loves the woods.  Her mom also had a deep love of nature that she shared with Rachel as they watched the night sky and listened to the melody of nature.  The book takes you on Rachel’s journey from early writing to a career in biology, to searching and finally securing a job. Her keen observation, knowledge, and determination led to her a pivotal moment when she knew she needed to write Silent Spring.

At the time, DDT was sprayed on farms, parks, and even in neighborhoods without considering the health impacts on humans, animals, birds, and other life. She was able to explain how the  DDT spray used to get rid of insects was actually harming birds and other life. The chemical companies that created DDT viciously fought her book and tried to discredit Rachel. Happily, it became a global bestseller and created many positive environmental changes. This is a wonderful telling of how a thoughtful, determined person can make a difference. 

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