The Story of More: How We Got to Climate Change and Where to Go from Here

Written by Hope Jahren

OPL BOOK SUMMARY:  If I could retitle this book, I would call it, Does This Make Sense to You? Hope shares a wealth of information in concise, eye-opening chapters that make you question things we all take for granted. When reading Chapter 2 on food, I kept asking myself, does this make sense? Learning how our food is produced and wasted is shocking.  It does not make sense to me! 

One example is the farming of salmon. It takes 15 pounds of fish to create 3 pounds of fish meal to feed and grow a one pound salmon. Once again, I find myself saying, this does not make sense. 

In the chapter Throwing It All Away, we learn: “Every day, almost one billion people go hungry, while a different billion people intentionally foul enough food to feed them. We gamble our forests, freshwater, and fuel on food that we have no intention of eating and we lose every single time.”  

The Story of More is a pleasure to read even though it is shocking. A must-read for anyone that wants a quick way to become informed on our impact on the planet. 

Available used at BetterWorldBooks.

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