At One Planet Life, we firmly believe that individuals have the power to make a substantial impact on our world.

Small changes by many can make a big difference. That is why we’ve dedicated our company to helping individuals become aware of their carbon footprints and encouraging each of us to make ‘Joyful Changes’ for our planet. Believing that individuals can positively impact our world is one thing. We wanted to do more.

We created a “climate fitness” mobile app to measure personal and community impact.

The path to sustainable living starts with a decision: a decision to embark on the journey. The next step is to select the route that best suits you and start making progress.

We developed the One Planet Life app to help individuals make sense of the impact of personal actions and how the impact of those actions grows exponentially when others take similar actions. App users follow journeys and build new habits to reduce their carbon footprints one metric ton at a time.

While it may seem difficult to reduce your CO2 output by 50%, it is easy to reduce CO2 by 1 ton. If everyone in the United States (333 million people) reduced 1 ton of CO2, the result would be the same as 20 million people living at zero carbon emissions. That’s a huge change!

Based on our app data, in just 12 months, One Planet Life app users racked up some impressive performance numbers in 2023.

Our growing One Planet Life community collectively reduced carbon emissions by an impressive 22 tons. That’s equivalent to carbon greenhouse gas emissions avoided by recycling 7.6 tons of waste instead of sending it to a landfill!  They tracked a remarkable 6,727 joyful changes—each a stepping stone toward building a sustainable tomorrow.

Embracing a Greener Plate: Agricultural and Livestock Drain

Our community demonstrated a shift toward a more plant-based diet, tracking 1,715 plant-based meals in 12 months.  It isn’t merely a dietary preference but a powerful stance against the environmental toll of meat production.

In a study conducted by the University of Minnesota’s College of Biological Sciences, researchers analyzed decades of dietary trends, along with their impact on health and the planet. 

“We showed that the same dietary changes that can add about a decade to our lives can also prevent massive environmental damage,” said David Tilman, a professor in UM’s College of Biological Sciences and resident fellow at the Institute on the Environment.

One Planet Life App Performance Stats

“In particular, if the world were to adopt variations on three common diets [traditional Mediterranean, pescatarian, and vegetarian diets], health would be greatly increased at the same time global greenhouse gas emissions were reduced by an amount equal to the current greenhouse gas emissions of all cars, trucks, planes, trains, and ships. In addition, this dietary shift would prevent the destruction of an area of tropical forests and savannahs as large as half of the United States.”

Check out the recipes section of our website for fresh ideas for meatless meals!

Preserving Resources: A Pledge to Sustainability

The commitment to resource conservation among the One Planet Life app community is palpable. Members collectively saved gallons of gas, conserved water, spared numerous trees, and given new life to over 1,500 items through reuse. These actions underscore the community’s dedication to minimizing its ecological footprint and preserving precious natural resources.

A 2023 study published in the journal Nature Communications emphasizes the crucial role of resource conservation in mitigating climate change and preserving biodiversity.

“Forest conservation is a crucial mechanism for forest management toward climate change mitigation and for curbing biodiversity loss. Protected areas are a foundation for global forest conservation efforts…” researchers noted. 

For intriguing articles that explain just how important conservation efforts have on our ecosystems, check out these posts from our staff Master Naturalist, Yvonne Dywer:

Breathing Clean: Advocacy for Air Purity

Our unwavering commitment to reducing air pollution is a vital step toward ensuring the well-being of both our community and the planet. With 796 activities tracked last year aimed at fostering cleaner air, we are making strides together in cleaning up polluted airspace!

The American Lung Association highlights that climate change has a direct impact not only on our planet but our respiratory health. Wildfires, allergens, air pollution, and more can all negatively impact breathing quality. Join our clean air advocacy and breathe in a better future.

Clean Air
Petroleum Reduction Initiatives: Paving the Way to Sustainability

OPL App users engaged in 407 petroleum reduction initiatives to address the environmental impacts of fossil fuels. The Union of Concerned Scientists emphasizes that fossil fuels are the #1 contributor to climate change. Reducing petroleum dependency is essential for combating climate change, as it directly influences carbon emissions and environmental degradation.

Holistic Well-being: Nurturing Individuals and Community

Sustainable living goes beyond ecological choices to embody holistic well-being and community support. Engaging in over 800 wellness activities is a recognition that individual well-being is interconnected with the well-being of our community. 

Increased evidence through academic studies has confirmed that exposure to nature, even in urban settings, can reduce stress levels, alleviate anxiety, and enhance overall mental well-being. 

Check out these helpful tips from our Wellness Consultant, Jody Goldfarb:

OPL Reduce Waste Eco-Journey
Waste Reduction Commitment: Fighting Waste, One Activity at a Time

The battle against food waste isn’t just about reducing strain on landfills—it’s a step toward building a circular economy. The OPL community did its part tracking 158 waste reduction actions.

According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, transitioning to a circular economy, where waste is minimized, is crucial for sustainable resource use and environmental health.

Check out our article The Upcycling Revolution Teaches Us to Revive Trash into Treasure for creative and fun ways to repurpose existing items (and even trash!) into something entirely new.

Giving: Supporting Organizations Making a Difference

Adding to the impressive positive impact made by the OPL community, One Planet Life contributed to organizations dedicated to making a difference for people and the planet. These include:

When communities live in balance with the natural world, everyone wins. As we step into 2024, we are confident that our One Planet Life community will continue to create a positive wave of change for the well-being of all. Join us on this transformative journey towards a more sustainable and compassionate future!

Learn more about our mission and why it matters:  Catch a Wave to a More Sustainable Life”

Written by Carley Kimball

Written by Carley Kimball

Freelance Journalist and OPL Content Contributor

“I’ve always tried to implement planet-friendly practices in my life but didn’t quite realize just how much of an impact individuals can make until I was introduced to One Planet Life. I’m so excited to be able to utilize my professional skills to contribute valuable information and positive personal experiences to help make the world a better place.”