Consider a good book when thinking about gifts for your loved ones this holiday season. It’s a gift that keeps on giving. Gifting a book is like giving three gifts in one.  First, a good book is a gift that lasts and can be shared. Whether you keep it on your nightstand, on your coffee table, or on a shelf in your library, a good book has staying power.  Second, the book itself is a gift, but so is the time spent reading it.  Receiving a book as a gift encourages your friend to designate some personal quiet time to read the book. Third, the knowledge gleaned from the book is a gift that keeps on giving.  Whether you gift a cookbook, thought-provoking history book, or goal inspiration book, it’s a gift of lasting enjoyment.

Where you purchase your book matters, too.  

    If possible, shop at your local bookstore. It’s a good way to support your local community, and it’s always a rewarding shopping experience.  If you prefer to shop online, we recommend They sell new and used books, and for every book you purchase, they donate a book to someone in need. Better World Books has donated over 31 million books, raised nearly $32 million for literacy and libraries, and reused or recycled over 327 million books! That’s an impressive ripple effect on doing good for people and the planet.

    Local Book Store
    Need some help choosing good books to give as gifts?  Visit our OPL Virtual Library for the books we have read and highly recommend.

    Our library features excellent reads, and our summaries provide you with a better understanding of each book.  Match your book selection to your friend’s interest, and you’ll hit a home run in the gift department.

    Books for the chef in each of us:
    • How to Cook Everything Vegetarian 
    • Rebel Chef
    • The Modern Cook’s Year
    Books for the person interested in learning more about world history through the lens of our food and beverage choices:
    • The History of the World in Six Glasses
    • Salt – A World History
    • Cod – A Biography of a Fish that Changes the World
    Books for lovers of nature and the beauty of our planet:
    • Around the World in 80 Trees
    • Seeing Flowers – Discover the Hidden Life of Flowers
    • Blue Mind
    • Forest Bathing
    • The Incredible Journey of Plants
    • The Secret Network of Nature
    • The Human Planet
    Books for inspiration to those interested in living happier and healthier lives:
    • Designing Your Life
    • The Miracle of Mindfulness
    • The Little Book of Kindness
    • The Science of Yoga
    Books for people interested in living a more sustainable lifestyle in better balance with nature:
    • Sustainable Home
    • The Future We Choose
    • The Story of More
    • Zero Waste Home
    Books for the children we love and who will inherit our world:
    • If the World Were a Village-Second Edition
    • Koli’s Friendship Adventure
    • Rachel Carsen and Her Book the Changed the World
    • The Lorax
    • The Rabbit Listened

    Books are wonderful gifts for the ones you love.  They are also great gifts to give yourself.  Let’s all pledge to take some ‘me’ time to read a good book this holiday season.