My Octopus Teacher By Pippa Ehrlich & James Reed

2020, Netflix original documentary

How can an octopus be a teacher? While it might not seem possible, relax and let this gentle documentary change your mind.  During a year of diving, filmmaker Craig Foster forged a life-changing bond with a wild common octopus in the South African kelp forest. It starts as Craig enters the cold water and glides past the kelp quietly observing. As you get drawn in, time gets suspended and it becomes clear you are witnessing something amazing. Craig learns about this liquid world of lives and especially a solitary octopus. It is a story of two lives bonding and healing from their wounds. Day after day, he went into the water without a wetsuit and mingled in this special natural place. Over time he met his octopus teacher and they developed a connection. For a year, Craig became a part of the natural world and was no longer a visitor.

My Octopus Teacher is a deeply personal documentary that flows over you. In awe, you remember that wild places are special. We have so much to learn. We need to save wild places. In wild places, we are calm and alive.