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If you are ever in West Palm Beach, Florida on a Saturday be sure to visit the Green Market.  It is a food lover’s paradise with vendors selling everything from fresh local vegetables to organic smoothies to fish caught that morning.  It also has a booth owned by an environmentally focused business venture: One World Zero Waste.

One Zero Waste Owners

Stephen and Elana Smith

Meet the Owners

Stephen and Elana Smith are a local married couple in their late 20’s who started this business in Tequesta, Florida in 2018. One World Zero Waste specializes in plastic-free, reusable replacements for single-use plastic. Their items include reusable drinking straws, sandwich bags, coffee cups, and cloth diapers and napkins  — all designed to be reused over time for years to come to help reduce our carbon footprint on the planet.  

Goal:  Help people eliminate waste from their homes.

One World Zero Waste is a great resource for those hoping to eliminate excess waste from their homes. Every item available for purchase is eco-friendly, and the edible goods are free of single-use plastics and other packaging. Local shoppers at the Tequesta storefront can bring clean containers to fill up with dozens of bulk food items, including spices, flours, nuts, and dry pasta. Essential oils, plastic-free shampoo bars and toothpaste, local honey, nut milks, and kombucha on tap round out the inventory. Most non-perishable items can be ordered online.

An OPL favorite eco-friendly product.

At OPL, we especially like their Unpaper Towels.  These 100% cotton flannel towels replace any need for paper towels.  Switching to these UnPaper Towels is a simple eco-friendly habit to adopt and you’ll save trees!

One World Zero Waste’s UnPaper Towels come in a variety of patterns and colors and include 12 washable and reusable sheets per roll.

Each set is made with care by One World Zero Waste, deliveries are usually sent within a week of ordering. Price: $30.

Learn more at

UnPaper Towels

One World Zero Waste UnPaper Towels